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This is a collective of musicians and vocalists fronted by Jonathan Gilmore, Lead Vocalist, 





Both Jonathan and Lawrence come from families with strong musical backgrounds, and the list of artists each has shared stages with is a "who's who"of music. But when the two came together, and they began exploring the intersections of all kinds of Black music - jazz, blues, soul, gospel, funk, and beyond, a very special style and sound and energy came forth, and "The Experience" was born.

As Lawrence explains it, "our sound is special. We knew it was from the first time we came together to form this band. We knocked on doors. We hustled. We showed our faces everywhere. We got on people's nerves, because we know what we have is special. We love music and love performing, and we don't want anyone to miss out on the amazing show we give, the amazing sound we have. That's why we work as hard as we do onstage. Because we love it, the world needs it, and we need to bring it to the world." 

The band of musicians and support vocalists that are part of "The Experience" tranform into a cast of colorful, rhythmic, melodious and harmonious characters onstage under Jonathan and Lawrence's direction. Jonathan, Lawrence, the band, and the backing vocalists deliver passionate, energetic,soul-filled performances each and every time.  The music journey they take listeners on is unexpected at times, but always immensely entertaining. Jonathan and Lawrence are especially skilled at bringing the stories told in blues and soul music to life as the ringleaders of this group who leave it all on stage each and every time.

Jonathan Gilmore and the Experience have brought their exciting show to appreciative audiences at many venues in the DMV region, and have begun to travel up and down the East Coast as they take the world by storm. They look forward to expanding their reach nationally and internationally.

Charles Village Festival